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    Juvelisto Design 14kt Yellow Gold Spinel, Garnet & Zircon

    Lava Ring - The name was given immediately to this newly created ring. Looks Just like sparkling volcanic lava created by river of garnet, spinels and zircon is pouring out of luscious 14k gold setting. So here it is, the “Lava” ring. 

    This one of a kind 14k yellow gold ring with textured cushion shaped shank elevating to an open fused top framing random white gold settings. The settings secure the faceted garnet, spinels and zircon described below. 

    One faceted garnet estimated to weigh 4.28 carats. Mesurements: surface 11.5mm by 8.4mm oval. Clarity: Slight characteristic inclusions. Type II, SI. Colour: Deep orange/red. Finish and symmetry: very good. Girdle: Polished. 

    One faceted yellow zircon estimated to weigh 1.38 carats. Measurements: surface 7.5mm by 5.5 mm. Clarity: Slight inclusions, Type II, I. Colour: Lively deep golden/yellow. Finish and symmetry: Good. Girdle: Polished. 

    Three faceted spinel estimated to weigh 1.68 carats combined. Clarity: Slight characteristic inclusions, Type II, VS. Colour: Lively deep orange/pink to mauve pink. Finish and symmetry: Good/Very good. Girdle: Polished/beveled. 

    Total weight 29.5 grams 

    Designed and crafted by Juvelisto Design. 


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