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    Juvelisto is the Esperanto word for jeweller. Created to be a universal language, Esperanto was meant to foster understanding between all people, no matter what their origins. Sasha Shkolnik, owner and lead goldsmith at Juvelisto Design, has been known to say, “Jewellery speaks but one language, and that language is beauty”. Used across human cultures for thousands of years, jewellery is still one of the most universal forms of adornment and communication.

    Juvelisto is the culmination of Sasha’s decades-long journey honing her skills and passion in jewellery creation and design. Her early training in various art forms while living in the Ukraine led her to pursue intensive jewellery studies here in Canada, after which she spent nearly twenty years working for some of the most renowned jewellers in Vancouver, B.C.

    It has been a dynamic journey and Juvelisto is ever grateful to our enthusiastic community, long-standing clients, and first-time visitors. We invite you to drop by our welcoming studio to browse our unique jewellery collections, book a custom design consultation, bring your jewellery in for repair, or inquire about our jewellery school. We’d love to see you!