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    Congratulations on choosing someone with whom to spend the rest of your life! Deciding to propose can be exciting, thrilling, and sometimes nerve-wracking. At Juvelisto, we will help you design a custom-made engagement ring in the relaxed atmosphere of our welcoming studio.

    Juvelisto custom engagement rings can be created from a variety of precious metals, including yellow, white, or rose gold, and platinum. Whether you are looking for a rose gold engagement ring with moissanite, a white gold engagement ring for men (yes, men wear engagement rings too!), or something else altogether, our team will create one that’s just right for you.

    Our custom design process begins when you book a jewellery consultation with Juvelisto shop owner and lead designer, Sasha Shkolnik. She will guide you through ideas and options, ensuring that your unique engagement ring reflects the special connection you share with your partner.

    We invite you to learn more about our custom design process, and to book a jewellery consultation in our friendly studio.

    If you have always wanted to make your own unique engagement ring or wedding bands, find out more about our private wedding ring workshops!