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  • In addition to our custom designs, jewellery services, and signature collections, we work with reputable artists and companies to enhance our offerings.

    Whether you prefer to shop in person or online, you’re sure to discover something from our wide range of unique jewellery designs.

    If You Prefer to Shop Online

    Many people choose online shopping for its flexibility, variety, and availability. However, quality is often compromised in the name of convenience. Over the years, we’ve had countless customers approach us to repair faulty jewellery items that were ordered online. Most issues are due to low-quality manufacturing, incorrect sizing (which cannot always be fixed), or jewellery made from base metals that has been sold as silver or gold.

    In response to this problem, Juvelisto decided to partner with the largest and most reputable North American jewellery manufacturer to bring you tens of thousands of high-quality jewellery designs and customization offerings, all available online. This solution successfully combines the convenience of online shopping with the personalized services of a brick-and-mortar store.

    When you order an item through our online customization portal, we walk you through every step to help you achieve the desired result. Your item is then shipped to our store where we ensure it meets our quality standards before it is sent to you.

    Please note that jewellery items featured in our customization portal are not Juvelisto’s unique designs and custom work. Juvelisto custom jewellery designs are featured separately from our online customization offerings and are hand crafted in-house, requiring a series of in-person client consultations.

    How Do I Place a Customized Online Order?

    1. Browse thousands of new designs and customized options at your convenience from any device — 24/7.
    2. Find an item you want and submit a request to receive a quote online.
    3. We receive a notification with your request and contact info.
    4. We review the request with you (over the phone or in-person) and make any necessary adjustments (e.g. sizing, gold karat, stone size).
    5. We submit your request to the manufacturer.
    6. We send you an invoice for full payment, with estimated dates of completion.
    7. Once payment is received, your item is manufactured and shipped to us.
    8. Once your item arrives, we inspect it for quality, check the sizing, and verify customization details.
    9. We ship your item via FedEx, UPS, or Canada Post (with tracking number) or arrange for in-store pickup, if you prefer.

    If you have gold jewellery that you no longer wear, you can use it as a payment towards your online order. However, if you have gold and gemstones that you want to repurpose into a custom design piece, you will need to work with us in person.

    Not sure where to start? Contact us to explain what you’re looking for and we will be happy to assist you!

    Juvelisto Featured Artists

    Juvelisto features a curated selection of jewellery made by local, Canadian, and international artists. We showcase unique jewellery from most Canadian provinces, the United States, and many countries abroad, including: Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland and others.

    Jewellery artists and companies featured at Juvelisto include:

    • Zula
    • Ayala Bar
    • Adornation
    • Street Cat Design
    • Laughing Sparrow
    • Flamme En Rose
    • Stuller
    • Charizzma
    • Tykhe
    • Stuller