Juvelisto Design Charming Frog Prince Ring in Sterling Silver with Raw Diamond

With its enchanting fairy-tale design, this ring is sure to reveal the true romantic within one’s self. 

This dramatic ring is home to a handsome frog prince who sits among an organic barnacle design rising up from the top of the shank. Made from gold-plated bronze, the frog prince dons a crown encircling a lovely green tourmaline. With glistening ruby eyes, he admires a beautiful 1.7 ct raw diamond that lays nestled among the barnacles. The ring measures 14 mm high to the top of the frog’s crown. It has a  width of 24 mm at its highest point and 6 mm at its lowest point. The main body of the ring is made out of sterling silver which has been oxidized for a darkened effect. The edges and sides have been polished to create sparkling accents, resulting in an overall ENCHANTING statement piece.

** Please enquire for customizations and specific or special requests.

Size 8 

Ring can be sized one or two sizes up or down.