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  • Juvelisto Design Single Poppy Twist Earrings in Sterling Silver

    These pretty sterling silver poppy pod earrings measure 4.5 cm in length and 1 cm wide. A single poppy seed pod dangles ever so delicately from its twisted stem known as a poppy straw. The ear hooks are made extra-long so they won’t get lost. Also available in sterling silver with rose gold alloy

    The poppy symbolizes many things for many people. As a flower it is a symbol of honor, sacrifice, peace and remembrance throughout history. In Chinese culture a symbol of rest, beauty and success. Poppy seed origins date back to the Minoan civilization of the Bronze Age on the island of Crete around 2700 to 1450 BC for their medicinal and culinary uses. Poppy seeds have long been used as a folk remedy to aid sleeping, promote fertility and wealth, and even to provide supposed magical powers of invisibility.